5 Ways to Love Your Self-Published Author

Because loving self-published authors is what we do.

Laura A. Lord

Creative Commons - Caterina.Appia Creative Commons – Caterina.Appia

By nature, the writing world is a lonely place. Authors need friends and companionship and a community, not only to draw inspiration from, but to help support them in a field that doesn’t exactly make it easy. Here’s what you should keep in mind about your self-publishing friend:

  • Most likely, they are doing it all on their own. All the writing, the editing, the designing, the promotion, the promotion, the promotion.
  • They think what they have written is the absolute best thing out there right now. It’s new. It’s daring. It’s theirs, and they’ve been working their butts off on it for so long they forgot their own kid’s birthday until the last moment.
  • They’ve probably spent more money on the book then they care to admit.
  • They are basically tossing 50,000 some words out into the ether and praying that out of the millions of titles on Amazon…

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