Launch Day!

My first big project (outside of my own work)! I did the cover work, the marketing, and the entire book formatting for print and Kindle editions. You can receive your copy free for a limited time today through 10/14.

The Reverie

Live! In an Amazon store near you…

The Reverie Journal: Issue One

Print Edition: $6.99 available HERE

The Reverie

Both the print and Kindle versions are available today on Amazon. Of course, it wouldn’t be this issue of the magazine unless their was a hiccup. So…the free Kindle version will not be available until tomorrow. You will have five wonderful, glorious days to get your free copy!

Please help us spread the word by sharing below and thank you for your constant support of The Reverie Journal!

Kindle Edition: 99 cents available HERE

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1984: Cover Makeover #9

So I was late to the party yesterday, but I so excited about this challenge! I drew a lot of inspiration from older versions of this novel. I loved the red, white, and black color scheme, and the intense phrases used on some of the novels. I decided to utilize as many of them as possible, using different fonts to emphasize a sense of anarchy behind certain phrases. I hope you enjoy what I’ve done with this classic.

You can find this week’s prompt, here.


The Green Mile: Cover Makeover #7

I stumbled across a fun prompt this week where participants get to remake a book cover already published. This week’s challenge was Stephen King’s The Green Mile.

I absolutely loved this book. For me, the country/rural aspect of the story was important, and the scene of the electric chair always pops into my head first and foremost, followed quickly by the flies. Oh, the flies.

So, I hope you enjoy my creative take on this book cover.

The Green Mile


A big thank you to The Story Reading Ape for featuring me today!

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Hi Chris!

I’d like to offer myself as a new resource for you and hope you won’t mind posting my page?

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