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The Wrestling Diaries by author Sarah Bale

We were so excited to be asked to work on this trilogy with amazing romance author Sarah Bale. I mean, check out this GIF image we made her:

GifContenderIf that doesn’t get you in the mood for some romance…nothing will!

We also got to create the covers for these steamy books! Click the images below to check them out on Amazon! You don’t want to miss this series.




E-Book Cover SALE!

I’m scheduling for February and I’ve got, most, of the month wide open and ready to go, so I thought I’d spread a little early Valentine’s love and offer…


That means $15, plus the cost of your image.

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1984: Cover Makeover #9

So I was late to the party yesterday, but I so excited about this challenge! I drew a lot of inspiration from older versions of this novel. I loved the red, white, and black color scheme, and the intense phrases used on some of the novels. I decided to utilize as many of them as possible, using different fonts to emphasize a sense of anarchy behind certain phrases. I hope you enjoy what I’ve done with this classic.

You can find this week’s prompt, here.


The Green Mile: Cover Makeover #7

I stumbled across a fun prompt this week where participants get to remake a book cover already published. This week’s challenge was Stephen King’s The Green Mile.

I absolutely loved this book. For me, the country/rural aspect of the story was important, and the scene of the electric chair always pops into my head first and foremost, followed quickly by the flies. Oh, the flies.

So, I hope you enjoy my creative take on this book cover.

The Green Mile